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With all the demands of running your own business, your social media activity is often pushed to the bottom of your 'to-do' list. There are new changes, updates and features to the platforms, it feels hard to constantly keep up. 

BUT what you would love is this...

- To have dedicated time each month to focus on your social media

- To be kept accountable and maintain a consistent presence on social media

- To work with an expert every month 


Initially I will create a social media strategy and content planning system for your business. 

This document will give you focus and direction to plan, execute and measure your social media activity. It will include a live strategy that works with your business and evolves as you do. It's a document that supports all your social media activity, works as a content library and gives you structure and guidance. It will include:

  • Content themes

  • Social Media post ideas

  • Influencers

  • Personalised hashtag lists

  • Engagement strategy

  • Analytics for you to measure

  • Awareness days during the year ahead

We will then meet every month for 1hr on Zoom to discuss your social media activity. I can review your previous month's activity, give you recommendations, examine your analytics or plan a social media content calendar for the month ahead.  It's your hour to choose the social media support you need that month. 


£750 for 3 months, £1000 for 6 months

How do I book?

Click on the button below and let me   I will send you a questionnaire to find out more about you and I'll send you an invoice. 


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