Why work with me

Social media is much more than posting a few pictures, retweeting an article or sharing your latest promotion.  We’ve all done it, but keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best is not ideal.  If anything, it adds to your stress and frustration!

Investing in your business and upskilling in social media marketing is key to your business growth. Here are a few reviews from previous and current clients about the value of working with me:

"I've gone from overwhelmed to enjoyment"

Claire did a full analysis of my personal development social media strategy and gave me valuable insight into how I can improve not only my content but also my social media experience. I've gone from 'overwhelmed' to 'enjoyment' in the space of a few days. The information she provided was incredibly detailed and focused on my niche market. It was an absolute joy working with Claire on this project and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their social media experience. Thank you xx  Shelley, Author 


"Claire gets to know her clients very well"

‘I invested in Claire at Treehouse Social in order to ensure that my social media posts and presence is regularly maintained and updated. Everyone assumes that they can do this themselves - believe me you can’t - unless you are extremely focused and duly diligent. There are always so many different facets of a business that take up a directors time in a small and developing business, my view was that I could easily become distracted and therefore the maintenance and growth of my social media would fail if I did not have the support of professional such as Claire.  What I like and can endorse is that Claire gets to know her clients very well, she works closely with me and is always keen to have my thoughts and feedback and wants to work closely with me, her client, in order for my social media side of the business to grow.  This has happened and in a short time.  Claire also provides me with a regular monthly report, provides great flexibility on how and when we post and is also a quick worker!

I can only endorse Claire’s initial explanation to me as to how important a good, cohesive presence on social media is and how it can improve your business and raise your profile.'  Julie, Independent Estate Agent


"Really useful actions that we can't wait to put into place"

Claire has supported us through an in-depth social media strategy. We have discovered important analytics about our social media presence. As well as some really useful actions that we can’t wait to put in place. Thank you Claire!  Nishi, Career adviser


"The best money I have invested"

Claire created a social media strategy for my travel business. It is, without doubt, the best money I have invested in my business so far, I cannot recommend Claire enough! I thought I knew a little bit about social media and that I would just need a little bit of direction, but Claire really open my eyes on how to utilise it to seriously benefit my business in 2019. Thank you so much.  Megan, Travel Adviser


"I'd highly recommend this service"

I was embarrassed about my lack of social media knowledge but Claire made me feel very relaxed and explained how just simple changes could increase my reach online and therefore increase my profit. Since our meeting, I've implemented some of these changes and I'm already seeing positive results. I'd highly recommend this service to anyone else who, like myself, is too busy running a small business to be able to spend time to learn social media skills. Thank you Claire!   Leanne, Retail business owner


"Increased sales since using social media marketing"

Had a great 1:1 Facebook session with Claire, she really helped me with my new business page.  I was able to launch my page, and she was able to help me optimise it.  I couldn’t have done it without her, and the suggestions Claire gave me for ongoing updates has allowed me to grow my profile further.   Simon, Electrician

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