Bloom with a social media strategy

​Maybe you’ve read articles, downloaded checklists and watched endless videos but how does all this social media knowledge relate to you, your business and your ideal customer? There is so much information online about what you should be doing on social media it can feel overwhelming applying it to your own accounts. A Social Media Strategy would help you. This written document will give you focus and direction to plan, execute and measure your social media activity. 

The Strategy is written in an easy to follow format and covers the following:

  • An audit of your existing platforms 

  • Competitor analysis

  • Platform selection

  • Identifying your ideal clients

  • Content topics 

  • Examples of good social media posts

  • Influencer engagement 

  • Suggestions for hashtags

  • Key analytics for you to measure

  • Awareness days during the year

  • Personalised action plan

What will you achieve from having a social media strategy created?

You will increase your visibility on social media 

You will no longer waste time looking for content ideas 

You will find potential clients and build relationships with them without feeling like you are constantly selling

You will have a written personalised document to refer to and guide you 


From £400 for one platform (+£100 for each additional platform)

This package also includes a questionnaire to be sent ahead of the meeting to determine specific needs, a summary zoom conversation and a 30-minute follow-up support call. 

How do I book?

Contact me via the 'Get in Touch' page or click on the button below and let me know you are interested in a Social Media Strategy. We will have a chat and check I'm right for your business and I'll send you my 'Spotlight on your Social' questionnaire.